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Excellent was founded in 2011. We started out with 2 people, and today we’re a company of about 20 talented young people. Our headquarters (we called it "Markas Excellent") in Bekasi, West Java.

Many of us are under 25 : young, energetic and love to working on our passion.

Our main business is Email Service Provider (ESP) with special interest in cloud and IT training services. Our client came from government, corporate and educational institution. 

We are a small company and a big believers in the power of keeping it small and simple. Our goal is simply helping our customer to manage their IT services better while live our life with our beloved works. 

Our motto : Integrity, Smart, Harmony, and describe in Bahasa Indonesia as : "Hidup kita milik kita, susah maupun senang, kita juga yang menjalaninya"

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